Cabriodoktor "NEW" in Neukirchen bei Lambach

  We have moved !  

 New: 4671 Neukirchen/Lambach 
      Gewerbepark 8, right on the B1 


Workshop and spare parts warehouse are of course still open!

We are also there for our customers in this very challenging time for all of us!
So that you remain mobile and can make your way for basic supplies, our company is still open to the full extent with all services at the regular times!

We can be reached by phone on +43 676 97 11 325!
Together we will master this time and are ready for you!

Sincerely, your Cabriodoctor



Please call us or write a Email
    4671 Neukirchen bei Lambach
    Gewerbepark. 8 direkt an der B1
    Telefon: 0043 676 97 11 325
    EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.