Aktuell zur Corona Situation

Werkstatt und Ersatzteillager auch weiterhin geöffnet !

Wir sind auch in dieser, für uns alle, sehr herausfordernden Zeit für unsere Kunden da!

Damit Sie weiter Mobil bleiben und Ihre Wege für die Grundversorgung tätigen können ist unser Betrieb nach wie vor, im vollen Umfang mit allen Service-Leistungen zu den regulären Zeiten geöffnet!


Telefonisch sind wir unter +43 676 97 11 325 erreichbar!

Gemeinsam werden wir diese Zeit meistern und sind gerne für Sie bereit!

Herzlichst Ihr Cabriodoktor 



We deal for many years by cabriolets of all brands


  • Assembly service - convertible hood service - convertible hood whole sale & retail trade
  • Hoods in original cloth Sonnenland® for all marks
  • Assembly accessories - upholsterer accessories - covering repairing set
  • Boat-cover - boat tarpaulins - sunshade fabrics - interior equipment
  • Assembly service in A-4600 Wels -
  • Assembly for some models also locally possible against starting lump sum
  • (Austria entirely and Germany postal code 9 - 8 - 7 - 6)
  • Car dealers/workshops pre place - assembly service country widely
  • Cover emergency service (e.g. with break-down, damages, etc.)
  • Covering express service - dispatch within 24 hours
  • Fair fixed price offers - no hidden costs
  • We settle accounts also gladly directly with your insurance (damage-retired)


Because we use original Sonnenland® - hood material, the quality of the convertible hoods assembly is the highest goodness – Sonnenland® material can be stretched among other things especially well.
Therefore a nearly flighty-free driving is also possible with higher speeds by the closed roof.


With the assembly of the new hood we carry out in general a customer service in the linkage, i.e. control of all screw combinations, crease points and fulcra as well as a complete lubrication of the hood linkage - for an optimum function.

We risk everything to carry out the assembly so at a reasonable price as possible and use, provided that this is possible, the old poetries further.

Repair of linkages (derust, repair, direct from twisted parts, we explain postmanufacturing of damaged parts, set work) also.


We discuss you with pleasure to all questions all around your hood and find for you always a practicable and reasonable solution.

We deal not only with the current models, we are also your competent contact for exotics and "superexotics", as for example Morgan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, US coaches, prewar models, English old-timers, etc. - special manufacture on inquiry.


  • There are always competitors trying to copy us, and supposedly unbeatable offer low prices. 
  • Then the so-called "bargain" will be needed afterwards often more and more expensive, because, e.g., less quality is used or other parts which are hid in the beginning with pleasure.
  • As an approved and registered saddlery-professional company we would like to dissociate ourselves from these suppliers quite clearly!
  • If a product or service is especially favorable, this mostly has a reason.
  • We have sat down to the aim to offer top quality for fair prices - without hidden or additional costs.